my offerings


If you are knee deep in new things to learn to keep up with your new position, if you are busy more than 8 hours a day, you may want some help with setting up your new life. Here are some examples listed, I believe, are (or become very soon) important to you:




Explore your options in your new environment.


We show you around and help you settle down, take the time you need, we support you as long as needed. After relocation work is done we don't leave you with daily challenges but give you a helping hand with all sorts of tasks.



Transform your new house or apartment into a home.


Even if it's temporary, you and your loved ones want to feel at home. Improve your setup in your new home. We help arranging craftsmen, translating the needs into local language and help with invoicing to ensure you don't overpay.



Check out activities in your surroundings.


Plan for the week-ends, holidays, shopping, hobbies. If you don't want to do it alone, we help you to find the fancy stuff.



day-to-day tasks

"Outsource" some of your recurring tasks.


Free up some time to focus on things that add value to your life. Engage us as your personal assistant.


house sitting

Plan a well-deserved vacation.


Or just take some days off. We will ensure your home is well maintained, the post-box emptied, the plants watered and even some little pets fed...


If you plan to stay away for a longer period of time, we can also help renting out your place temporarily and get it cleaned before you return.



An appliance in your new home exploded or is about to explode and you don't know whom to call?


Reach out to us, we organize help and can manage the communication to the craftsmen / service company needed.

Whatever goes wrong, it's the same number you can call. Day and night.

To simplify things during and after your relocation, I share my network and offer a single point of contact, either in person or virtual to support you with the package according to your need.